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We try to make the system work well and stable, but sometimes, something must go wrong... we try to answer

We know, we have a lot of work at, there is much to improve and correct. It will very helpful if you report when and what goes wrong. Please use Bug report form and describe bug or trouble. If it possible please try with other browser, operating system or computer before report bug. Thank you for your help.


Removing cookies Most often, when we are adding new parameters or upgrade options system may not work or not shows you properly. The most common solution is remove browser's cookies (check list of your current cookies). For remove cookies you can use remove cookies action, after that automatically save cookies necessary to works. Also in most popular browsers works CTRL+SHIFT+DEL keyboard shortcut. Removing cookies automatically log out all your user accounts if you are log in, and clear all your guest activity. It remove all your test items and guest settings. Then refresh (F5 or CTRL+F5) page, or close and run your browser again. We explain What informations save in cookies? in our Privacy Policy.

Removing cache Most often, when we are upgrade system, it may shows you e.g. incorrect image, wrong style, or something not work when should work. That because browser not treated overwritten file as a new and load old file from cache. The most common solution is empty browser's cache. A web cache is a mechanism for the temporary storage (temporary internet files, caching) of HTML pages, files (e.g. css, js) and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load. In some browsers just refreshing page (F5 or CTRL+F5) works as cache removing, if not please remove cache from browser's menu. In most popular browsers works CTRL+SHIFT+DEL keyboard shortcut. After remove cache refresh (F5 or CTRL+F5) page, or close and run your browser again.

Use right click contextual menu For show contextual menu click right mouse button on any item or background. You see only necessary and avilable for you options.

Use your intuition We try tu build fully intuitive system, so if you do not know how to solve the problem use your intuition. It is worth to read informations placed in menu you want to use. After almost every activity system shows short prompt or alert in message cloud.


In my browser system want not work - If you can not create items, move or scale elements... please check supported browsers, and system requirements.

In my browser some elements did not display corectly - If system actions and tasks works well, but browser want not display e.g. image, font or other element this way you expect please read about known browsers problems.

I lost my menu bar - It is possible to lost menu bar when you move it outside top or left margin. In this case simply use restore default positions action in Help menu. It restore also position of system block of text.

I can not select some text - When you want to select some text at help or system subpage, and you can not select it becouse whole element moves you need to turn off JavaScript support [?] and refresh page. From now you can select any text, but all functions are turned off. To restore system usage turn on JavaScript.


I can not create account - After you sent Create new account form, we sent you an email with activation link. You should get email after few moments. If you can not see our message in incoming mail folder please visit SPAM folder. If there is no message after a long time please try to use Create new account again or use Recovering access to system menu. If for some reason you can not receive our message with activation link please try later, or use your another email.

I can not log in - First, be sure your account was created - if you get email message with new account create request, and click activation link your account should be created and works.

  • Check entered email and password (password is case sensitive) and try again.
  • If still there is a problem, use Recovering access to system menu. System will create new password and sent you activation link. If you can not see our message in incoming folder please visit SPAM folder.

I can not select, move or scale my item - All items and system elements are displayed on something like "layers" in a specific order. For different tasks that layers are dynamically changed. Somtimes some layer does not return to its original position. In most cases it is sufficient to refresh the page with F5 key.

I lost my item - Folder background may be very, very large... maybe you moved your item far down or right. Please try to scroll the screen or use browser zoom tool (hold CTRL and press: - key for zoom Out, or + key for zoom In, or 0 for 100% zoom, or hold CTRL and use mouse wheel) - it works in most popular browser.

I have problem with rotated elements - Rotated images can really enhance your collection, and playing online rotated video is... wow! Unfortunately, these surprising enhancements are not supported by all browsers, now.

  • Photo or video If some User broke Acceptable Use Policy and infringed your copyright to display online photo or video, you should check the source of item by right click contextual menu "Display source link". does not host any files, which are showed in User Content so you will receive source link of remote server.
    • Remove file from source server If you want to remove photo or video from source server, you should contact with owner of source web server, source domain owner or source Internet Service Provider. Photo or video will automatically stop display at User Content, after removed from source server.
    • Block hotlinking If e.g. photo is displayed directly from your server and you want stop it, please set your server configuration to block hotlinking for domain, or for our server IP:
  • Name of links, titles, bloc of texts If some User broke Acceptable Use Policy and put in name of title or links some words, which infringe your trademark - contact with us

I create unwanted folders - Fast left mouse clicking for quickly navigate and fast browsing may be received by your operating system as left doubleclick. Then are created new folders even if you want not to create. There are two solutions: 100% effective way - turn off creating new folders by mouse left doubleclick in Guest ▾ Advanced settings, then when you will want to create new folder right click on background, and use contextual menu. Second solution is change interval of doubleclick in your operating system mouse settings.

I want to remove my test items - Just use Remove test items action in Help menu. It restore also positions of menu bar and system block of text.

Item name not display - it depends on selected style is entered item name or description is displayed. Please read Understanding Items and Styles relations. If %name variable exists in style the item name should be displayed in User Content. %desc variable is simply replaced with entered description.

I see squares instead letters - use Unicode character encoding (UTF-8) for full multilanugage support. If you can not see some characters "你好", "こんにちは", "привет", "γειά σου" but you see squares it is possible you need to install additional languages support and fonts.

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