images to DRAG & DROP on iframe

test link to DRAG and DROP on iframe: How Does Nikon D90 Taste?

IFRAME A: from the same domain as parent - no sandbox sttribute

IFRAME C: from the same domain + sandbox="allow-scripts"

in the same domain sandbox="allow-scripts" locked some javascript
scripts, should allow all. You can not drag, drop from parent,
even draggign menu bar is off.
IFRAME C2: from the same domain
sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts"

    IFRAME B: from other domain - no sandbox sttribute

Drag & drop want not work in Chrome

IFRAME D2: from other domain
sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts"

IFRAME D: from other domain + sandbox="allow-scripts"

Drag and drop events works on iframe when open Chromium or Chrome without build restrictions.

For test run Chrome or Chromium with flag
- chromium-browser --disable-web-security
- or google-chrome --disable-web-security
- or chrome.exe --disable-web-security

After that, all events dragover, dragenter, dragleave and drop works over iframes